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Individuals affected by other people’s gambling often experience feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress or anger. It is important to get help for yourself.

You may find yourself spending time and energy trying to change the behaviours of your loved one who is gambling. Your own mental health might be suffering.

Common challenges for family members and friends of those experiencing gambling harm include:
  • Feelings of distress

  • Anxiety, depression, stress

  • Physical health problems, like interrupted sleep or inability to focus

  • Financial difficulties including debt, feeling pressure to cut back on spending, making changes such as taking another job or selling valuable items

  • An impacted relationship with the person gambling, including feeling pressure to help them more, less quality time together, anger, arguments, avoiding each other, loss of trust, feelings of betrayal, cycles of self-blame, and loss of respect for the person gambling.


When a loved one's gambling harm is impacting you, it's common to look for methods to cope.

Unhelpful behaviours can make the situation worse. Healthy coping mechanisms can make a huge difference.

Unhelpful behaviors:

  • Increased drinking, smoking, eating or spending

  • Arguing with the person who is gambling, criticising them, or threatening to end a relationship

  • Supporting the continued gambling by loaning them money or by taking on their responsibilities for them.

Helpful behaviours:

  • Seeking professional help from a counsellor

  • Setting boundaries to prevent the gambling behaviours from affecting financial commitments and investments.


You may benefit from support if someone else's gambling harm is impacting you.

Support is available:

  • The Gambling Help line: Call 1800 858 858 for a free, confidential conversation with a gambling counsellor 24/7.

  • Face-to-face counselling support: Free, confidential help is available for those affected by gambling, including family and friends. See what locations are available.

  • Gamblers Anonymous: Peer support group for family and friends of individuals experiencing gambling harm.

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If gambling is impacting your life or a loved one's life, it's okay to reach out for help. It’s free and confidential.

Call the 24/7 Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858

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