Real life stories

How does gambling turn into problem gambling?

Listen to people talk about how gambling became a problem for them.


Allen is a retired AFL footballer. He talks about how he had to blow up his whole life to get away from his gambling habit. Watch his story about how he got help to overcome his problem.


David is a community worker. He talks about how he lost all sense of time when he was gambling. Watch his story about when he made the decision to seek help and how it changed his life in more ways than he could imagine.


Louise is a mother and grandmother. She talks about how gambling gave her a rush which she thought made her happy. Watch her story of hope and how she made a new life for herself.


Gabriela Byrne talks about her frightening “affair” with poker machines.


Peter Byrne, husband of Gabriela, talks about how Gabriela’s addiction affected the entire family.


Julia tells how the pokies consumed her every thought.


Thomas tells his story about how he became addicted to gambling and how he got help to overcome his problem.


Tim shares his story about seeking help, and overcoming problem gambling.

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