Information for Gambling Providers ONLY.

A self-exclusion is where a patron can request to be banned from specific gambling providers, products or services.

Self-exclusion can be an important step in addressing a patron's gambling harm. Gambling providers are required to assist any person requesting a self-exclusion. A nominated person at the gambling provider’s venue (usually referred to as a customer liaison officer) should discuss the self-exclusion process with the patron.

The patron can also choose to be banned from part of a venue - this may include the gaming machine area, Keno area, TAB area, or a combination of these areas.

While excluded from the selected areas, the patron may still enter other areas of the venue, such as the bistro or dining areas, for the duration of their exclusion.


If a patron wants to ban themselves from a venue or gambling activity, they must complete a Self-exclusion notice (Form 3A) and give it to the gambling provider.

The gambling provider must process the Form 3A and complete a Self-exclusion order (Form 3B) as instructed in the Queensland responsible gambling resource manual for their respective industry sector.

Patrons can also request assistance to self-exclude from one or more venues remotely, without having to physically enter a venue.

Here, a Gambling Help service representative will help the patron to complete the Self-exclusion notice (Form 3A), as well as an Authority and identification form, which will allow the Gambling Help service to liaise with the venue/s on the patron's behalf. The venue/s will send a copy of the completed Self-exclusion order (Form 3B) to the patron and the Gambling Help service.

A self-exclusion will take effect immediately and remain in force for up to five years, but there is a 24-hour cooling off period.

See the video below to find out how self-exclusion works.


A patron may revoke their self-exclusion either:

  • within the 24 hour cooling-off period; or

  • after at least 12 months from the date the patron was given the self-exclusion order.

The patron must lodge a Revocation notice - self-exclusion notice (Form 3C) and give it to the gambling provider.

If given to the gambling provider within the 24-hour cooling off period, the revocation takes effect immediately.

If given to the gambling provider after at least 12 months from the date the patron was given the Self-exclusion order, the revocation takes effect 28 days after the day it is given to the gambling provider.

Further information about revoking a self-exclusion can be found in the Queensland responsible gambling resource manual for the gambling provider’s respective industry sector.

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