Setting limits

If you want to stop, cut back or control your gambling, it may be helpful to think about how you would like your gambling to be. Once you have a plan, the plan may help you choose limits to set.

Some useful plans and limits other gamblers have used to change their gambling include:

  • Make a plan for your gambling

  • Set a budget for gambling spending – it might be $0 if you plan to stop gambling or a different amount if you plan to control gambling

  • When gambling, stick with a strategy

  • Plan to avoid gambling alone

  • Plan ahead and leave credit cards and non-essential cash at home, limit the money you carry

  • Plan to go to venues that offer other activities as well as gambling

  • Plan how you might put aside funds if you win, to reduce the risk of gambling any winnings.

Limit gambling itself

  • Set a limit on time spent gambling

  • Set a deposit limit for online betting accounts

  • Set a spending limit for each week or fortnight

  • Limit gambling to small bets

  • Limit alcohol and use of drugs while gambling

  • Take regular breaks while gambling

  • Set up cues to keep track of time while gambling

As well as limiting gambling itself, gamblers reported benefits from limiting or removing access to gambling opportunities – by staying away from gambling venues, by limiting or restricting internet access and by self-excluding from gambling venues and online gambling providers.

Ban yourself

Learn more about what self-exclusion options are available to you.

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